Grassfed Beef Short Rib Hamburger Patty (2 X 6 oz Avg. Wt Patties)

$ 13.40

Grassfed Beef Short Rib Hamburger Patty (2 X 6 oz Avg. Wt Patties)

$ 13.40
Product description

🥩🍔🔥 Introducing our Grassfed Beef Short Rib Hamburger Patty, perfect for your next barbecue or cookout! Made with high-quality short rib beef, each package includes two patties with an average weight of 6 oz each.

👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 These patties are easy to prepare and cook up quickly on the grill, stovetop or in the oven. Try them seasoned with your favorite spices or topped with cheese and veggies for a mouthwatering burger experience.

🌱🥗 For a low-carb option, serve the Short Rib Hamburger Patty wrapped in lettuce or on top of a salad with your favorite dressing. These patties are also Keto and Paleo-friendly, making them a great choice for those following a specific diet.

👉🛒 Order your Grassfed Beef Short Rib Hamburger Patties today and Taste the Difference in quality and flavor!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jane Bubnis
Short Rib Burgers

Fresh and can tell the difference from supermarket meat. Best ever!

Lori Jones
Great burgers

This was the tastiest burger I have ever had, juicy and delicious.

Amelia Bennett
Better burgers do not exist

I'm serious - never had a juicier more flavorful burger.

Our New Favorite Burger!

Love these on the grill. Juicy and great flavor. Truly our favorite burger!

g cober

These short rib patties are top drawer! Very flavorful, and cook up fantastically on the gas bbq! This is a second order of these, a real favorite of my hubby and I!

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