Grassfed Beef Sirloin Steak Cutlets, Approx. 1/4" thick (Avg. Wt 1 lb)

$ 20.37

Grassfed Beef Sirloin Steak Cutlets, Approx. 1/4" thick (Avg. Wt 1 lb)

$ 20.37
Product description

🥩 Introducing our Grassfed Beef Sirloin Steak Cutlets, cut to approximately 1/4" thickness, making them perfect for quick and easy meals.

🥩 Each package contains approximately 1 pound of cutlets, giving you plenty of meat to work with.

🥩 These cutlets are made from our 100% grassfed and grass finished beef, ensuring that you get the highest quality and most nutrient-dense meat possible.

🥩 The sirloin steak cut is known for its balance of tenderness and flavor, making it a popular choice for steak lovers.

🥩 These cutlets can be cooked in a variety of ways, including grilling, broiling, or pan-searing, making them a versatile addition to any meal.

🥩 Add these Grassfed Beef Sirloin Steak Cutlets to your next meal for a delicious and nutritious protein source.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alice S
Grass-fed Beef Sirloin Steak Cutlets

Yummy and easy to prepare, I'll order again.


Love how moist the finished product is! Yum

Love it Love it Love it ❤ Best eggs ever!!!

Just had the Beef Sirloin 1/4 in. Teak last nigjt!!!+++!!!!!!! Doesn't get any better!!!!❤❤👍❤🐩❤👍❤👍🌞🌞🌞🌞 Amazing 👏

carol costas

Excellent. So good!

Cindy Koehn
Perfect steak!

I purchased these for my daughter who recently developed a corn allergy. She absolutely loved the steak! Tender and tasty

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