Pasture Raised Chicken Skin

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Jane Bubnis
Bake em with salt.

Where your chicken skin comes from makes a difference. I spread mine out on a baking sheet and baked them at 400 until crisp and done. Yum!

Rosie McCullough

Decided to try to make Keto friendly snacks. Used my air fryer with some spices and cooked at 400 for 10-12 minutes total. Flipping skins half way through. They were delicious. Comes in one big package frozen, but if you put the package in the fridge overnight, you can easily split the clump up into smaller servings and refreeze. Highly recommend these. Skins are very clean.

.... Yeeehaaaa!!! The Breakfast of Champions!!!.....

....Well...?...put your seatbelt on gal's, guys & get ready to fire the cannon!! First I took my whole pact after defrosting in the frig over night and boiled the skins in spring water for 15 minutes, drained, let cool to touch, laid one at a time what use to be the feather side down as flat as possible on a cutting board and scraped the excess meat and fat from the under side, laid each one on a cookie rack use to be Feather side up, when all pieces were completed I placed the rack uncovered in the fridge over night, next early morning before anyone got up I fired up my fryer containing vegetable oil to 375 degree's, placed them all in a basket, fried the skins giving a stir often to keep them submerged for 4 minutes or so, removed basket from fryer, let them drain, placed on double paper towels and salted with Extra Fine Himalayan Pink Salt while still warm, transferred to a bowel, ran and hid where no one could find me!!!.... SFGS! Semper Fi Godspeed! Seriously, the sky is the limit on seasoning's for these HOMEMADE chips! Bernie

Aaron Burmeister
Skin win

Love the chicken skin and the options for enjoyment! Fried them Baked them stuffed them Yum!

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