RAW Pet Grind Mix: Chicken Backs, Fat, Skin and with Chicken Organs, Raw (Avg. Wt 1 lb)

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Gennifer Roy
Cat loves it!

He looks forward to his meat every single day! Thank you so much for the quality of your farming practices with non GMO feed, pasture raised, grass fed and finished. Grateful to have access to this to support his natural carnivorous diet rather than always commercial junk food for animals.

Beverley Becker
They are the best ❤️

We foster three huskies right now and Circle C called to verify an order and I told them yes send the door ASAP because we have 6 dogs currently and they sent out the order right away and the was 7 pounds of extra food for the foster dogs! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Puppy's favorite

Feeding my new chi pup several different raw grinds, and he just devours this one. Its his favorite!

Amber Higginbotham
Great product!

This is such a great addition to my pups diet! Commercial processed pet food is junk. I only feed my dogs real food and I am so happy to have found healthy meat for my babies!

Emily Drews

My 2 cats, one 13 y/o the other 6 y/o, love raw chicken and they always gobble this up. I was grinding the whole chicken myself for awhile. Such a chore! So happy to have this product. My older cat has perfect blood work and plays like a young cat.

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