Sourdough Bread Full Loaf (Approx. 1.5-2 lb Loaf Weight) READY TO EAT Ships FROZEN

$ 7.99


Sourdough Bread Full Loaf (Approx. 1.5-2 lb Loaf Weight) READY TO EAT Ships FROZEN

$ 7.99


Product description

🍞🌾 Our artisan Sourdough Bread is like a traditional white bread, but SO much better for you! The secret is our signature Circle C Farm sourdough starter 🥖👨‍🍳. Instead of commercial yeast, our natural sourdough starter gives the bread rise, with the added benefit of a flavorful, tender, and moist crumb 🤤.

Unlike their grocery store counterparts, our loaves are free from preservatives, dough conditioners, and any unpronounceable ingredients 🚫🧪. We only use 6 ingredients, all of which you could find in your own pantry at home 🏠. Our bread is made with USA-grown, NON GMO wheat 🌾, mixed with water 💦, olive oil 🍈, salt 🧂, honey 🍯 from the farm, and our starter with a touch of whole wheat and rye flour 🌾.

Our sourdough comes in a long, rectangular style loaf 🥐. It's perfect for slicing and toasting, as a vehicle for sandwiches 🥪, or warmed whole to share with friends and family for meals and celebrations 🥳.

Each loaf of sourdough is handcrafted 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳, allowing us to perfect our extended bread rise that gives us our delicious and unique sourdough flavor profile 🤩. To satisfy every palate, we've created two flavors for you!

If you're hungry for a milder, more subtle sourdough flavor, try our Sourdough Lite 🍞. If a bolder, more developed sourdough flavor is what you're looking for, try our Sourdough Bold 🥖.

Some potential health benefits as shown by a variety of studies:

🌿 Improves gut health 🍬 Easier to digest 🩸 Helps with blood sugar management

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, olive oil, honey, salt, rye flour 🌾.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Derek Vincent
Best sourdough ever.

Need I say more?

Barbara Roberts
Best Sourdough ever!

This bread is soft and so full of flavor!
Have enjoyed it immensely!
Thank you for sharing! And fast delivery!

John Lyle

I bought one loaf just to taste it. I will be buy more!!!!!!

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