Benefits To Eating Duck & Get That Table Set For The Holidays

Benefits To Eating Duck & Get That Table Set For The Holidays
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 Three Reasons To Eat Duck

Duck is not just a wonderful and tasty meal to eat, there are three great health benefits to adding duck to your meal plans each week.
1) Added Protein
A (raw) 3.5 ounce serving or duck has about 18 grams of Protein. Protein helps boost your immune system while helping to maintain strong tissue and skin.

2) Zinc & Selenium
Adding duck meat to your meal plans, boosts your mineral intake. Both Zinc and Selenium are awesome for your enzyme function which help to activate enzymes needed for a healthier cellular metabolism. Zinc is also another great mineral for your immune system.

3) Great Source of B-5 & B12
Did you know that B-5 & B-12 help to support your nervous system? B-5 helps your body make chemicals involved in nerve signaling, and B-12 protects your from nerve damage.


We are proud and excited to announce WE'VE LOWERED BEEF PRICES! Since becoming our own and only (in Florida) on farm USDA Abattoir & Butcher Shop in August of this year we no longer have to load up and travel with livestock for harvesting. This alone is saving us money and because we love what we do and we want everyone to enjoy, Grass Fed/Grass Finished,
Sustainably Raised, Gmo Free, Gluten Free, and Humanely Harvested meats, 

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble
Have you placed your Holiday Turkey Order yet? 

Our Non-GMO, Soy Free, Non-GMO Corn, Grass Fed Sustainably Farm Raised. TURKEYS are now available for the 2017 Holiday Season.  

Did You Know We Have Suckling Pigs All Year Long?

We know we have sucklings all year long but we wanted you to know too.
Celebrate your next family event, BBQ, or even this Holiday Season with a Roasted Suckling.
Our pork is Soy Free, Corn Free, sustainably farm raised, grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics, pesticide free and they enjoy space to run around. We have a herd of Duroc, Berkshire and Yorkshire crosses.  Our herd is specifically bred for tender meat and flavor quality, resulting in a soft and full bodied meat.
Have a great week and remember you can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or you can visit us at our Farm Store Monday - Friday 10am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm.
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