Is Free-Range, Pasture-Raised Chicken and Poultry Worth It?

You Will Taste and Feel the Difference with Free-Range, Pasture-Raised Chicken and Poultry

Do You Get the Best Nutritional Value from Humanely Harvested and Butchered Meats?

free-range pasture raised chicken

Yes, when you're buying free-range, pasture raised chickens from local farmers, you can feel the same satisfaction as if these delicious meals had come directly from your own farm. You know that these birds were taken care of with love and consideration!

Experience authentic flavors, unlike any store-bought meats! Eating from local farms that raise their livestock ethically is paramount if you truly want to make sure what you're consuming matches your values and expectations. Eating from local farmers in your area's food chain is much like raising chickens in your own backyard - you always know how they were raised!

Wake up and witness the stunning sunrise at Circle C Farm in South Southwest Florida! I'm Farmer Nicole, and allow me to take you on a tour of our pasture-raised farm. Step aside for a moment so that you can truly experience what it's like here when day breaks—the beauty is incomparable!

Let me show you the sheer number of chickens that are here on our farm.

You can see we have thousands of meat birds that will be ready to harvest over time, so it's essential for you to understand where your food is coming from. People often ask me what it's like raising pastured poultry in South Florida this is why I'm proud to showcase my work!

Imagine waking up every morning with thousands of chickens counting on you - it's a pretty amazing experience! It makes me feel so connected to the land and my animals, knowing that I'm responsible for them each day.

Farming is Hard, but Remarkable Work

Our daily work at Circle C Farm is truly remarkable! Not only do we have the privilege of taking care of our animals, but also harvesting them and enjoying the fruits of our labor. We get to spend each day tending to these chickens out on pasture, knowing that they are being raised in a safe and healthy environment. When it comes time for harvest-time again this morning, it's an exciting event that all of us here celebrate together as part of the larger Circle C Farm family. It really is pretty cool!

free-range, pasture raised chickens

Unfortunately, too few people are aware that the farmers working for large producers on commodity farms are scarcely making ends meet as they get paid in pennies per pound.

Many small farms are racking up large debts, and some have sadly been forced to go out of business due to the overwhelming costs. When you shop from a small farm that practices regenerative agriculture such as pasture-raised grass fed meat, not only will you be supporting their mission but also enjoying truly delicious products. 

Happy Livestock Makes for Happy Circle C Farm Customers


These chickens are currently being grass fed and receiving all their nutrition from the pastures, including bugs and grubs. This produces a protein that is not only amazing for us to consume, but also provides us with great joy as we savor it! 

To ensure that we are living healthy lives, it is important to nourish ourselves from the inside out. We can do this by eating nutritious food and treating animals humanely throughout their harvesting and butchering processes. To make sure that our process respects these creatures, we harvest and butcher everything by hand - understanding what it truly takes to live a conscious lifestyle.

Why Does Free-range Pasture Raised Chicken Cost More?

With the costs of our daily expenditures increasing drastically, it can be difficult to decide which are worth spending money on. But what should we really be looking for? When trying to differentiate between items like free-range organic chicken and ordinary grocery store chicken, how do we ensure that a product isn't deceiving us with clever packaging?

When it comes to Circle C Farm Chicken versus the major retail stores, let's call a spade a spade.

Eating from local farms that raise their livestock ethically is paramount if you truly want to make sure what you're consuming matches your values and expectations. Eating from local farmers in your area's food chain is much like raising chickens in your own backyard - you always know how they were raised!

Are you scouring the web, asking yourself "Where can I find the best chicken near me?" or "Who raises high quality pasture raised chickens?". Well look no further! Circle C Farm the very best grass fed chicken breast to suit your needs. We specialize in providing only the finest pasture-raised poultry cuts that are sure to surpass all of your expectations. For an incomparable dining experience and unmatched taste, choose Circle C Farm as your trusted source for pasture raised, free-ranging chicken - it's what we do best!

Circle C Farm is Dedicated to Animal Husbandry

For years, our dedication to animal husbandry has remained the same and will not be compromised. We strongly believe that all livestock should always be treated with kindness and respect - even when it comes time for us to use them as a source of valuable protein-rich nutrition. We never let food fads take priority over humanely managing animals we receive sustenance from. This is an essential principle you must recognize before consuming any product sourced from us.

Are you searching for the finest, grass-fed and pasture-raised meats brought directly to your door? Search no more! Circle C Farm is here. Our farm embodies a commitment to delivering only nutrition of the highest caliber while supporting animal welfare. With this simple yet effective solution, getting premium meat without having to hunt around has never been easier! At Circle C Farm, not only do we provide superior products that nourish our bodies; we also guarantee healthy and joyous lives for these animals.

If you're looking for a return to traditional, delicious flavors look no further than Circle C Farm. Our free-range chickens and pasture raised beef and lamb provide genuine taste that can only be experienced with natural practices and plenty of time to develop flavor. Come find out why we do it the old fashioned way at Circle C Farm!

So from Our Pasture to Your Plate, Taste the Difference. Feel the Difference. Circle C. Farm.

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