Revitalize & Renew in 2022 with Circle C Farm's 7 Steps to Feel Refreshed Farm Style

Revitalize & Renew in 2022 with Circle C Farm's 7 Steps to Feel Refreshed Farm Style

If you're reading this, chances are that one of your New Year's resolutions is to lose weight and to eat more healthfully. Keep reading for diet and eating tips plus so much more.



1. Get more restful sleep

Sleep is an important aspect of overall health, and sleep deprivation can have serious consequences. Sleep deprivation, for example, has been known to have side effects like the risk of weight gain, heart disease, and depression.




2. Make more meals at home.

People who cook more meals at home often have better quality diet and often less body fat than those who consume more on the go, according to scientific research.

In fact, those who ate 5 or more home-cooked meals weekly were 28% less likely to be overweight when compared to those who ate fewer than 3 home-cooked meals per week, according to a research study of 11,396 adults.

Did you know that the latest statistics indicates that 48% percent of individuals are interested in losing weight and improving their health for New Year's Resolutions.

One approach to accomplish this is to recognize that the foods we prepare at home are typically healthier and fresher, which means it gives you greater control of what you are actually eating on a daily basis.  Giving you the ultimate in control of your diet and making sure that you are not eating foods containing preservatives and sugar, which are typically found in manufactured and commercial prepared foods / meals.

While preparation of a home cooked meal varies, one thing is consistent and that's that ingredients REALLY do matter!  100% grass-fed and grass finished meats from Circle C Farm are going to give you what you are looking for, they will provide for you the quality and nutritional values that you are looking for in your meals. 

More importantly, the pasture raised, and grass finished meats offer the best flavors and juicy tenderness that you deserve for each and every meal!  There are great recipe ideas to meet your New Year’s Resolution commitments too! 

Check out our website for those recipes and super easy fast shipping too.

3. Spend more time outdoors

Spending more time outdoors has been shown to improve health by lowering stress levels, boosting mood, and even reducing blood pressure.

Making a New Year's resolution to spend more time outside on a daily basis is a long-term and healthy goal that can benefit everyone, no matter where you live, how much sun you have each day and whether or not you get to see that beautiful sunrise with a morning walk or sunset on your afternoon walk-a-bout. 

On the farm we take walks each evening up and down the driveway – you can see some of those peaceful walks in our video gallery, they are fantastic!  The time walking for exercise and mental health is priceless – we’d be lying if we said it was easy t the beginning, especially because we LOVE to take some many pictures and videos to share with you, but the trick was to use the Do Not Disturb function.  We will admit, depending on the cross wind, it gets really ‘fragrant’ if you know what we mean, but the walk and the talk and the peaceful time to reflect on the day is priceless!

4. Reduce your device and screen time.

Many people use their phones and computers for both business and pleasure. In certain research, too much time spent on electronic devices — particularly social media — has been linked to depression, anxiety, and isolation

 Making a goal to spend less time on social media, watching TV, or playing video games may improve your mood and productivity.

5. Make the most of safer home products

It's understood by all that what you eat has a huge an impact on your health. That is why so many customers turn to Circle C Farm's all natural 100% pasture raised, grass-fed and grass-finished meats and eggs for their families. Not only are we all looking at what goes in our bodies, but also it’s crucial to think about the things you put on your body, since certain household products can be more harmful than others.

Think about making a New Year's resolution to buy more all-natural spices, beauty products, cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, and personal care items in order to enhance your health and that of your family.

Our AIP Spice Blend No. 28 has been a favorite lately!  As with everything Circle C, you know that our spices are sugar free and free of any and all preservatives.

6. Take good care of your teeth.

Did you know that maintaining your oral health is a fantastic New Year's resolution that you can keep for the rest of your life. Regular tooth brushing and flossing is known to help prevent mouth diseases, such as periodontal disease and foul breath. 

There is more to your dental health and people typically realize.  Balance the oral hyenine and the intake of great quality meats and eggs from our farm and you are going to add years to your life, more importantly, you will FEEL better and that feeling better translates to better quality of life all the way around. 

Try some coconut oil for “pooling” it’s a great natural way of detoxifying your mouth.  Add some peppermint essential oil to the coconut oil and you have a really refreshing way to cleanse your moth and entire immune system at the same time.



Finally, make the year 2022 a year of success for all of your deliciously healthy goals.

Although most New Year's resolutions are only kept for a short time, the healthy tips and ideas described above are long-term ways to improve your physical, immune, and emotional health that can be maintained for the rest of your life.

Creating a better connection with food and improving your health holistically in a variety of ways is very doable, and there's no easier way to get started than learning about where your food actually comes from. Know your food, know your farmers, Know Circle C Farm in 2022!



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