Meat Shortage In The US, No Joke! Circle C Farm USDA Slaughterhouse And Butcher Shop Remains Open

Meat Shortage In The US, No Joke! Circle C Farm USDA Slaughterhouse And Butcher Shop Remains Open

It seems to be the norm now. You're at the grocery store or at the drive thru and what? No hamburger, no ground, no meat at all! You hear of Costco, Publix and more out of meat or fearing a limited supply, then prices will skyrocket. Why? Because, big billion dollar processing plants like Tyson, which has 36 processing plants in the US, didn't take the necessary precautions to keep their workers safe and follow CDC guidelines. These processing plants all over the country are killing millions of animals a day by gassing them, because the workers are falling ill with the coronavirus and plants then must shut down. This is horrific.

Here is what Tyson himself said.

Tyson Foods, the country’s largest meat processor, fired a warning shot about problems with the meat supply chain in late April. The company’s chairman, John Tyson, took out a full-page ad in some of the country’s most-read newspapers, saying “the food supply chain is breaking.”

One of the largest U.S. pork producers, Smithfield Foods, has also closed large facilities because of outbreaks.


Support local farms! Circle C Farm does it all! We raise, harvest, butcher and ship, all from our USDA inspected facility. Our meat is the cleanest meat you will find. Eat to live! 

This is the perfect time to take that step make that important decision for your family to live a healthy life.

Why are people getting sick? Why don't you feel good? Why do people have allergies? Why do people develop health issues? All the crap in the commodity meats sold are killing people. 

 Doesn't it matter to you what you are feeding your kids? Sure, it's easy to stop at fast food restaurants, because you are tired and don't want to cook, but in the long run you are setting your kids up, even yourself up. 

It's time to cook more at home and eat out less!

Your body will thank you! From our pasture to your plate!






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