Sweet and Delicious, Circle C Farm Honey!

The Wonderful World of Circle C Farm's Honey & Honey Bees

Watch Farmer Nicole's latest video as she takes us behind the scenes to learn about Circle C Farm's honey bees!

See how these little guys work hard to Pollinate our plants and flowers and make delicious honey for us to enjoy. Circle C Farm is one of the only farms in the area that produces honey, so be sure to stop by the farm store to stock up on your supply!

Circle C Farm Honey: Sweet and Delicious!

If you're like me, you love honey. And if you're like me, you also love Circle C Farm honey. Why? Because it's delicious! Not to mention, it's locally sourced and supports our local Florida farmers.

What's not to love about Circle C Farm honey bees? These little guys are busy at work, pollinating our plants and flowers and making sure we have delicious honey to enjoy.

Farmer Nicole with Circle C Farm Honey Bees

Circle C Farm is not only one of the few farms in South West Florida that produces honey outside, but we also produce it on lush green pastures. So if you're ever looking for some delicious farm-fresh honey, be sure to shop Circle C Farm!

We love hearing our customers can't get enough of Circle C Farm honey. Farmer Nicole loves using it in tea, on her toast, and even in her baking. It's the perfect sweetener for just about anything.

Besides the fact that honey tastes delicious, did you know that it also has some amazing health benefits?

Don't forget to purchase our honey stirring stick if you don't already have one!

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