Truly Grass Fed And Grass Finished Beef And Lamb!
Circle C Farm Is a truly Pasture raised, grass fed and grass finished farm. The cows and sheep are not given corn or soy. We have heard from a lot of people who buy from Grocery stores that found out after reading the label in tiny letters at the bottom say, it says finished with corn.  It takes time to raise animals truly grass finished with no fillers and big grocery stores don't have that time to wait because they need product on the shelves. Knowing that the cows, lambs, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and pigs along with the hens that produce the eggs are humanely raised is so important and you can taste the difference in the meat.  At Circle C Farm, the livestock are on pasture 24/7.  We are a USDA inspected facility, we don't transport our animals to unknown slaughterhouses.  We harvest and butcher on site.  It is very important to know where your meats are coming from.  You can rest assure at Circle C Farm we have Happy Animals, Healthy Meats. Taste the difference.
Grass fed grass finished

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