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Some Testimonials From Our Customers.


After almost resorting to mail order meat, I tried some place new this year for my Christmas turkey and New Year's pork and kraut. I can say I've found the 'holy grail' of local, organic, and pasture-raised meat and eggs that actually tastes terrific. Today I'll be whipping up some beef stew and suspect it be be equally as good. 'You are what you eat' has a domino effect indeed! Totally recommend Circle C Farm.

- Geri

I have been ordering from Circle C farm for over a year with wonderful results. I have traveled quite a bit during this year and have had them deliver to my travel destination with great success. Their pasture raised chicken is the best.


“You are what you eat ate.” Think about it. With this in mind and dealing with some health issues,
I couldn’t find purely pasture raised, no grain, corn, soy fed meat anywhere local to me. I happened to hear of Circle C Farm and after contacting them and receiving a prompt and very friendly response, I ordered chicken breasts and some pork among other things. I have never seen chicken breasts look so perfectly smooth and pink with no striations that you see in supermarket meat (indicative of muscle wasting disease). The taste was superb in everything we had and I wasted no time making another order. I would rather pay a bit more and eat less than continue to ingest the unhealthy, pesticide doused grains that many animals are fed. They are wonderful to deal with, provide all the information you need to get the most delicious results in cooking and I can’t imagine getting my meat anywhere else now! Thank you, Nicole and Manny, for being dedicated farmers and putting your time and energy into doing it right, both for the animals and humans!



This place is amazing (please go and check it out)! A note to all Christians: The Bible gave man dominion over the animals (In the book of Genesis) and this means that we are allowed to eat them. But the question that has been plaguing me is: Would God be happy with the way most farms treat their animals? I believe not.. God created the animals and they need to be respected. This place allows the animals to have a good life (they live free) and respects them for their sacrifice. Thank you Circle C Farm for doing this (for having compassion for your animals) and I pray that your business flourishes! God bless!



I am allergic to soy so finding meat to eat was very difficult. I use to be vegan but was allergic to gluten and the nightshade family of veggies and some legumes as well. I am slowly learning what is irritating my body so finding this place was a life-saver. I have ordered chicken patties, chicken drumsticks and chicken wings...all were wonderful. I am now expanding to the beef. I am pleased that there is a place I can order from that does not use soy to feed/fatten up the animals.

Thank you Nicole for your patience in answering ALL of my detailed qustions as well.


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