Raising for YOU, 100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef & Lamb. 100% Pasture Raised chicken, duck, turkey, pork and eggs.

Circle C Farm delivers to your door 100% grass fed & grass finished beef and lamb. Pasture raised chicken, turkey, duck, pork and amazing pasture raised hens and ducks, that provide the most wonderful eggs.

We are one of only two farms in the US that raises and harvests on our farm both red and white meat.

We deliver via UPS throughout the entire US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our family farm is self sustaining! We raise our own animals humanely. We have our own USDA inspected processing plant and butcher shop on our farm. 

We have an amazingly small, yet MIGHTY team.

We produce top quality pasture raised meats. We have a variety of cuts and even sell 1/2 and whole cows, shipped right to your front door.

You can make an amazing healthy meal with our meats, knowing they are free of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, gases, bleaches, dyes and preservatives.

Circle C Farm continues to harvest, butcher and ship through COVID-19.

Our team is healthy and strong and we are following all CDC guidelines. We are not throwing meat out or euthanizing like other farms / facilities.

We take great pride in the raising these animals right and they are so important, they will never go to waste.

Know where your meat is coming from. Who is the farmer? Pictures. Videos. 

At Circle C Farm you can actually talk to the Farmer! We live on our farm where the animals are raised and harvested. You can call or email at any time. 239-776-9054. We are open and shipping weekly.

Giving You 100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef & Lamb. 

At Circle C Farm, all of our animals are on a constant rotation to fresh pastures in order to ensuring fresh green grasses for them to eat and enjoy, they way they were intended to do so!

Our cattle and lambs are grain-free, because cows aren’t well suited to digest grains, which disrupt their digestive system.

No Hormones. We are not commodity beef, chicken, lamb, duck, turkey,  pork, egg producers that speed up the growth of their animals artificially.

Spend more time with family and less time at the grocery store.

Your health, your children's and your parent's health are so important.  "Taste the Difference" in our meats and eggs!

Don't risk buying cheap meat.  Do they bleach their meats? Color their meats? Ask yourself, why, when I go to the grocery store does every package of ground beef have the same color? Animals are all different, there should be a variation in color and size depending on the cut of the meat. The reason is that we have been conditioned to expect that.  So, the industry provide it. 

It is not necessary to consume large quantities of meat, but it IS necessary to consume high quality humanely raised and harvested pasture raised and grass finished meats, that we know!

Join the Circle C Farm family, we'd love to have you!

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