Our Customers Won't Have to Worry About a Food Supply Shortage at Circle C Farm. Here's Why:

Our Customers Won't Have to Worry About a Food Supply Shortage at Circle C Farms. Here's Why:

Our Farm’s Recipe Is Simple... We Call It, "Pasture to Plate Perfection™"!

The supply chain for Circle C Farm in Florida is not facing the same challenges as other areas of the United States.

Circle C Farm's loyal customers trust them to deliver pasture-raised meats and fresh farm eggs of excellent quality & freshness. They also depend on the Family Farm located in warm and sunny Florida to ensure that their supply chain is dependable. Luckily, Circle C Farm customers won’t have to worry about a supply chain shortage of their favorite  Humanely Raised Meat & fresh farm eggs. Our products are always available both in-store or online!

Why Isn’t Circle C Farm Experiencing the Same Supply Shortages as Others?

The answer is simple and it is because Circle C Farm is, in fact, its own supply chain. We raise our livestock on our farm, and then harvest them here on our property. Our USDA inspected facility / plant collects the harvest, after which it is sent to our very own private butcher (also located right on our family farm) for packing and shipment to our devoted consumers. 

We do not deal with, or source our meats from distributors. We do not wait for livestock to come from far away places to our plant. Circle C Farm is truly an independent, sustainable family farm. We never have Supply Chain problems because we are our own supply chain!

100% pastured meat & fresh farm eggs

Our Customers Trust Us to Deliver the Best Quality Products, Straight From Our Pastures to Their Plates

The food shortages that may occur in the United States' major production facilities will not be an issue due to the fact that Circle C Farm is a family-owned and run farm. From the farm, Circle C delivers 100% pastured meats and fresh farm eggs directly to its customers! There are no meat supply chain concerns on our farm since we are our own supplier.


When families place their trust in us by ordering food from our website or shopping in our Farm Store, we ensure that only our greatest quality meat and eggs are sold.We are confident in our animal husbandry and farming practices, and are eager for you to Taste the Difference, & Feel the Difference™.

How Do You Like Our New Website?

We're pleased to share that we've launched our new website! We hope our new website will make it even easier for you to order your favorite pastured meats and farm fresh eggs from us online.

If you're searching for the greatest, 100% pastured meat & fresh farm eggs for your family, look no further than Circle C Farm!

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